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Send us an email from the Contact Us page and request an order form. Production schedule runs approximately 8 weeks from receipt of order form with 50% deposit.

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Charring & Toasting
Four standard options or customized char and toast levels to meet your specific needs: Light, Medium, Medium +, Heavy. Fire bending adds rich depth and smooth flavor notes.

Barrel Repair
For small leaks, stave and hoop replacement. $100 per hour billed in 1/2 hour increments. Replacement wood price depends on wood species and origin of barrel. Barrels older than 4 years will not be repaired or permitted in the cooperage.

ADK Barrel arranges for third party shipping by common carrier and include costs with order confirmation. Order pick up at the cooperage is permitted.

Quality & Consistency:

Our barrels are built with 36-month air dried export grade American White Oak. ADK Barrel uses revolutionary charring and toasting technology. Extreme accuracy of temperature control allows for low temperature toasting to release desirable flavor notes. Profiles are stored for individual barrels and batches for data analysis, quality control and consistency.

We sand our barrels for a fine high quality finish. Both the galvanized hoops for wine barrels and black hoop steel for spirit barrels is heavy gauge and edge conditioned for easier handling. Moisture content is continually monitored. All barrels are shrink wrapped and palletted for shipping.

                                          10 Gallon/37 Liter    15 Gallon/56 Liter    30 Gallon/113 Liter    53 Gallon/200 Liter
Head Diameter                             13.00"                       14.75"                        17.75"                          21.25"
Bilge Diameter                             15.12"                       17.51"                        21.48"                          25.62"
Distance Between Heads            19.00"                       21.00"                       27.25"                          31.50"
Barrel Height                                23.00"                       25.00"                       31.25"                          35.00"